Garage Door Repairs

Specialist garage door repairs in Dorset. Services we offer...

Snapped Cable/s?

Garage Door cable Renewal

We have a wide range of replacement cables in stock to enable us to get your door functioning as it should; if we don’t have them in stock we can usually get them within a couple of working days.

When we replace a broken cable we always replace both sides as well as changing the plastic guide rollers giving the door a new lease of life.


Broken spring replacement or re-tensioning can get your door running smoothly again without the cost of renewing the whole door.


Locks sometimes fail leaving valuables vulnerable. We can supply and fit new locks to most makes and models of garage doors, even additional security locks could be fitted if required.


If you are looking for peace of mind we can also service your door be it once or on a more regular basis.

Garage Door conversions to Automated

Not all garage doors need renewing. We find a lot of customers in their senior years struggle with the weight of a manually operated garage door, Garage Doors (Dorset) Ltd could convert your existing door from a manual door to a fully automated door for the fraction of the cost of a complete new door.